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Sew On The Geaux

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Rough Estimates, for modern furniture

The labor chart gives a rough estimate for various types and styles of furniture. These subsidized Labor prices* and yardage amounts* are estimated, and these labor prices are based upon:

furniture that is in good condition (springs, frame, and all padding are OK as-is.)

using plain or allover pattern fabrics* that don't need to be matched.

the labor prices do not include the supplies used in the re-upholstery process. There is an additional charge for supplies used in the re-upholstery process, depending upon what is needed.

the below labor prices do not include alterations, extra work, unusual furniture or antiques, which are priced on an individual basis.

We are a custom upholstery shop. We can cover your furniture in a number of different ways. The actual labor prices and yardages amounts could be different for your furniture depending upon what we do to your furniture. (See details at on the next page.)

All prices subject to change without notice. All labor Prices are based upon using our plain or allover pattern fabrics. All labor prices are based upon the furniture frame being solid, the springs and the padding being in good shape, and include doing the work with our standard materials and methods. Prices do not include supplies for doing the job, or new foam.

Extra charges apply for:

Matching patterns

Working with white or very plain and smooth or shiny fabrics

Putting a liner over the padding before putting the cover on the furniture

Re-tieing or repairing springs

Extra loose or attached pillows or cushions.

Frame repairs or alterations

Major repairs to the padding

New foam or other cushion fill for the cushion or other padded areas

Pick up and delivering

Anything not normally supplied or done in our normal services and methods.

Anything that takes us extra time, labor, or costs to do.

Anything not specifically charged for or included on the work order.

Customer's Own Materials