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Sew On The Geaux

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Price List

Throw Pillows with Knife Edges (Not Boxed)

Throw pillows with either welted (fabric covered cording) or plain with no cording are $40.00 per throw and include our stuffing of shredded dacron filler. Throws with braided cording or fringe are $45.00 per throw pillow. Add $5.00 per, if throws are larger than 20″ x 20″ or if you require a zipper. Bolster Style Pillows can be made with either flat ends for $75.00 or tootsie roll style ends with a button in the center for $85.00 and include our stuffing of shredded dacron filler.

We also have down filled pillow forms priced as follows:

  • 18″ x 18″ $32.00
  • 20″ x 20″ $42.00
  • 22″ x 22″ $60.00
  • 25″ x 25″ $80.00
  • Custom shapes and sizes of down ticks are priced individually

Boxed Cushions with or without welt (fabric covered cording)

Usually $75.00 per cushion if average sofa sized (24″ x 24″ x 4″) without “T’s” or “L’s” on the sides or other odd shapes. Includes a zipper on the back. No extra charge for adding a welting from an accent cloth or the same fabric. Fabrics which require pattern matching, loose fabrics which require surging of the edges or larger cushions will be more. Straps with Velcro, fabric ties or snaps can also be added and may increase price. If several cushions are identical in size and fabric where the same template can be used over and over, then the price may decrease. (Cheaper by the dozen) Window seat cushions are also available and can be made either with a boxed front (Welt top and bottom) or a knife edged front (One row of welt only or no welt at all). These range from $75.00 to $125.00 for labor. Foam rubber inserts or down filled inserts are additional.

Foam Prices:

Based on an average sofa cushion size of 24″ x 24″

  • 2 inches thick $40.00
  • 3 inches thick $60.00
  • 4 inches thick $70.00
  • 5 & 6 inches thick $85.00

Sofa Reupholstery

Average sofa labor price is $825.00. Several factors may cause the labor price to be higher, for example: button tufted backs or seats, saddlebag or teardrop style backs and arms, plaid or floral cloth which require extra time to pattern match, sofas with extra pillows or arm bolsters, working with “seconds fabric” which requires extra time to work around defects.

Changing the frame or style of a piece, where possible, may also affect labor. Waterfall skirted sofas are $125.00 extra labor. We assume that the sofa is in good repair and only nominal frame repairs or spring work is needed. New foam or down cushions can be ordered, but are additional.

Loveseat Reupholstery

Average loveseat labor price is $725.00 with same exclusions as above.

Club Chair Reupholstery

An average club chair with loose seat cushion is $535.00. Once again tufted backs and arms, cloth which requires pattern matching or other factors which require more labor time may affect cost.

Ottoman & Footstool Reupholstery

Pillow Top Ottomans with Skirts are $250.00 if a solid pattern or small repeat cloth is used. Sock on style ottomans without skirts are $155.00

Wingback Chair Reupholstery

Usually $435.00 if not a plaid.

Dining Room Chairs

  • Pop out or screw off type without welting are $40.00 each
  • Above with welting around bottom $45.00
  • Boxed type with welting on top and bottom of the sides are $55.00 each and often new foam is required to keep the squared sides looking crisp. Foam not included in this price.
  • Miscellaneous Chairs
  • Parson’s Chairs without skirts are $250.00 each ( if legs are not upholstered )
  • Parson’s Chairs with skirts are $295.00 each
  • Channel Back Chairs without skirts are $425.00
  • Channel Back Chairs with skirts are $465.00
  • French Style or shield back arm chairs with padded arms are $310.00
  • French Style or shield back arm chairs without padded arms are $275.00
  • Fan Back Chair without button tufted backs are $350.00
  • Fan Back Chairs with button tufted backs are $425.00
  • Martha Washington or high back style chairs with upholstered arms are $325.00
  • Martha Washington or high back style chairs without upholstered arms are $275.00
  • Rockers or Swivel Rockers with skirts are $475.00
  • Gooseneck Style Sling Seat Rockers are $325.00
  • Platform Rockers with upholstered arms are $350.00
  • Platform Rockers without upholstered arms are $315.00
  • Miscellaneous Jobs
  • Arm covers are $25.00 per set and lined head flaps are also $25.00
  • Shower curtain are $175.00 unlined and $225.00 lined and we provide the lining cloth
  • We make and upholster window cornices to any size and shape. Price depends on the degree of scalloping and the size, but a straight profile cornice for a single window is $155.00 to build and $155.00 to upholster. This includes our lumber, padding and lining cloth. Installation is additional.
  • Dust skirts for most beds are $275.00
  • Duvee covers are $275.00
  • Pillow Shams are $85.00 each with flanged edges
  • Odd jobs are done at a rate of $75.00 per hour of shop charge
  • offer pick up and re-delivery of furniture free in and around New Orleans area only if the labor for that piece is over $250.00
  • Our minimum charge for in house work is $25.00 (Zipper replacement, adding filler to existing cushions, repair of torn cushions seams etc.)
  • We are happy to accommodate unusual request and we can often be of assistance with design questions. If you have a picture or drawing,